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Have you ever tried to find a needle in a haystack? We do not even try.
Our clients can rely on us in all matters to do with people and their functions in their company. We cannot just help fill a position with the right candidate, we are also the ideal partner in the assessment and development of our clients' employees.
Our holistic spectrum of personnel recruitment management and consultation includes:

-> Direct search
Contacting the right person directly is an art. Our clients can rely on our long years of experience.

-> Internet and university marketing
We make use of job markets and develop programs which enable us to attract high potential candidates for our clients.

-> Extensive procurement programs
Our strategy here is one of focused project management in which every step is planned right down to the last detail.

-> Coaching
We can help employees grow with their jobs or into new functions. With individual or team coaching.

-> Interim management
Employing high-caliber specialists on short-term contracts requires special expertise. We have it.

-> Management-Audit
A company on the threshold of great change also needs to review its management structures. We can moderate the necessary processes in agreement with the goals of our client.

-> Outplacement services
Our know-how and our competence is also available to support both sides in restructuring processes.
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