Finding someone is the easy part. But how do you deside whether they really are right for the job?
There are many ways to achieve a goal. Our core competence is the direct search. However, sometimes it is necessary to use other means such as adverts in print media or on the internet in order to reach the best candidates. As an old Chinese proverb says: "It is not enough to go to the river and just want to catch fish. You have to take a net with you."

Whatever methods we use, we always act as a mirror to our client in every phase of the search. We naturally also keep the client informed of every step and every advance using a professional reporting system.

Our search strategy contains the following phases:

I. Contact Phase
We define the search profile in consultation with the client and taking the competitive environment into account.

II. Identification and qualification phase
We start our systematic research by utilizing all information sources and performing in-depth analytical work.

III. Interview phase
We use personal interviews to select the suitable candidates and prepare written assessments of each candidate. The reports take both professional know-how and social skills into account.

IV. Presentation phase
We moderate both the presentation of the selected candidates and the subsequent feedback process.

V. Contract phase
We offer advice to both parties during all pre-contract and contract negotiations.

VI. Integration phase
We keep in touch with the client and the candidate during the probationary phase in order to promote the integration process.

We also make our knowledge of people and markets available to our clients after the conclusion of the project in the interest of a long-term and successful partnership.
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