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"Test all things, keep that which is good."
We also follow this motto in the selection of our own employees. For it is first necessary to set the right standards in one's own company before it is possible to offer good advice to others.

Every single one of our consultants and researchers has years of practical experience in the field of personnel recruitment. Substantive knowledge in business administration, psychology and law finds its ideal complement in consummate IT skills.

We form a tailor-made team for each project based on the respective competencies and abilities of our staff. Everyone is employed according to his or her strengths - the pre-requisite for ensuring that the client's interests are always given the full consideration they deserve.

The managing director

Dorothée Plögert Dorothée Plögert has worked in personnel recruitment for many years.

She has gained experience in a number of executive positions across all industrial fields and has developed expert knowledge in all corporate areas. In doing so, she has built up a wide network of contacts at top management level.
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